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Functional and quality cabinets are crucial for creating an organized and beautiful kitchen. They provide storage space and enrich your kitchen’s overall look and feel.

However, your kitchen cabinets can look outdated and worn out over time. If you want to update your old kitchen, kitchen cabinets are a significant starting element. In this blog, we’ll discuss eight easy ways to update your kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen a fresh look.

What are the Best Ways to Update your Kitchen Cabinets?

Following are the best ways to update your kitchen cabinets:

1. Paint your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your kitchen. You can choose any color you like, instantly giving your kitchen a fresh look. Before you start, clean your cabinets thoroughly and remove all the hardware. Sand the surfaces lightly to ensure the paint adheres properly, and apply a primer before painting.

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2. Change the Hardware

Easily update your kitchen cabinets by changing the hardware. You can choose from a variety of different hardware options, including knobs, pulls, and handles, to give your cabinets a new look. This one is good for those on a tight budget because it’s relatively inexpensive, and you can do it yourself.

3. Add Glass Inserts

Adding glass inserts to your cabinet doors can give your kitchen a more modern and elegant look. Choose these options such as clear, frosted, and textured glass for cabinets. It is an excellent option to display your dishes or other items in your cabinets.

4. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lights can make a significant change to your kitchen. It not only provides better lighting for cooking and preparing food, but it can also give your kitchen a bright look with cabinets with an appealing and welcoming feel. There are several options: LED, fluorescent, and halogen.

5. Install Crown Molding

Install crown molding to your kitchen cabinets for an elegant look. It’s relatively easy to install and can give your cabinets a custom look. Select different options from size and style depending on your preferences.

6. Add Decorative Accents

Adding decorative accents to your cabinets can give them a more personalized look. Add decorative trim, appliques, or paint designs to your cabinets. Giving a touch of popup color to your kitchen is an excellent option.

7. Remove Cabinet Doors

Removing cabinet doors can give your kitchen a more open and spacious feel. It’s also a great option to display your dishes or other items in your cabinets. You can remove all the doors or just a few, depending on your preferences.

8. Reface Your Cabinets

If your cabinets are in good condition but look outdated, refacing them is a great option. Reface their front door and cover the cabinet boxes with a new veneer or laminate. It is more expensive than other options on this list but can give your cabinets a new look.

If you want to update your kitchen cabinets, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With these simple eight ways to update your kitchen, you can give a fresh look to the budget. Whether you paint your cabinets, add decorative accents, or install under-cabinet lighting, these simple updates can change the kitchen’s look and make it new. So, what are you waiting for? Start updating your kitchen cabinets today!


1. How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

The cost of cabinets can depend on the size of your kitchen and the paint quality you choose. On average, a professional may cost between $1,000 and $3,000 to paint your cabinets. However, the cost can be significantly less if you decide to do it yourself.

2. Can I change the hardware on my cabinets myself?

Yes, changing the hardware on your cabinets is easy. All you need is a screwdriver and your new hardware. Make sure to measure the distance between the screw holes on your old hardware so that you can choose new hardware that fits appropriately.

3. What is the difference between refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets?

Refusing means replacing the front of cabinets and covering the cabinet boxes with a new veneer or laminate. It is a more cost-effective option than completely replacing your cabinets, but it doesn’t change the layout or structure of your cabinets. Replacing your cabinets involves removing the existing ones and installing new ones.

4. Can I install under-cabinet lighting myself?

Yes, installing under-cabinet lighting is a relatively easy DIY project that you can do yourself. Many options are available, including LED, fluorescent, and halogen lighting. 

5. What is the best glass option for cabinet doors?

If you want to update your kitchen cabinets, clear glass is a great option to showcase your dishes or other items in your cabinets. Frosted glass can provide privacy while allowing some light to pass through, and textured glass can add a decorative element to your cabinets. Consider your overall design aesthetic and the purpose of your cabinets when choosing your glass option.

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