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Ensuring the use of right material for kitchen cabinets is as essential as we look for durable yet functional element with design. When it comes to selecting the right option in different materials Plywood is one of the best for its strong features. It is durable and adaptable for cabinetry among other materials and budget-friendly.  In this blog post, let me share a brief guide about best plywood for cabinets and its basic features to consider for you.  

Why Plywood is Best for Cabinets?

Minor wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to make a wood veneer of multiple thin layers to form plywood. Cross gaining is the reason to make it more durable as compared to other materials and make it stable for cabinetry use.  You can consider the features of wood type, quality of glue, and manufacturing process to make the best plywood for cabinets with a high-end material.

Factor to notice for Selecting Best Plywood for Cabinets

1. Plywood Grade

Plywood is available in different grades which defines the quality and appearance of veneer to scale it from A to D.

A-grade plywood: Perfect cabinet material that has a smooth surface to make it look nice with any paint.

B-grade plywood: Has a few minor flaws and is comparatively smoother than A-grade. Its quality is slightly lower. Suitable for less visible interiors.

Plywood in grades C and D is more prone to knots and flaws. In cases where design is not a priority, they are good for concealed cabinet components.

2. Wood Material

Wood material for plywood defines the quality, durability, and overall look to make it best for cabinet material.

Hardwood: Maple and oak are well-known materials for plywood to make it durable for busy kitchens with heavy traffic. Further, it is a safe material that can bear the wear and tear and is resilient to deterioration.

Softwood: Pine and fir are the wood materials for plywood, which is not very durable and less pricey as compared to others.

3. Main Structure

To make a stable and durable product, there are different materials used for plywood core.

Veneer core: to make layers for good strength with minimum layers to look like less wrap.

MDF core: is good for a smooth surface to paint the surface and it is moisture free.

Particleboard core is light weight material which is less expensive and it is not suitable for cabinet material.

4. The Thickness

Make sure to consider the thickness level for plywood to make it best solution for kitchen cabinet.

1/4 inch: For drawer bottoms and cabinet backs.

1/2 inch: Fits well on shelves and cabinet sides with lower weight capacities.

3/4-inch: Perfect for doors, shelves, and cabinet sides where strength is critical.

5. Resistance to Moisture

The kitchen is the place in the house that is more likely to have high humidity due to water use, so make sure to consider moisture-free material

Marine Grade: It is good to go material to resist moisture and is safe for kitchen cabinet use but it is costly

Exterior Grade: This plywood material is less expensive and suitable for kitchen use to avoid humidity.

6. The Final Touches and Appearance

The durability and appearance of your cabinets are affected by the plywood finish.

Predefined: It saves you time and effort. Perfect for people looking for an option that is ready to install.

Unfinished: It demands finishing and sanding, but you can paint it as per your choice to align it with the color theme in the kitchen.

The Greatest Plywood for Kitchen Cabinets:

Useful Advice

Do Extensive Study. Learn about the qualities of the various kinds of plywood by doing some research. Examine reviews and get referrals from friends or colleagues who have worked on related projects.

Speak with Professionals

Get expert guidance catered to your unique requirements by speaking with suppliers or cabinetmakers. They are able to provide advice on what kind of plywood complements the layout and style of your kitchen.

Identify Sample

Examine actual plywood samples before deciding on a choice. Examine the materials overall, and feel the strength of the core and the surface finish quality.

Take A Look at Your Budget

Purchasing better plywood for kitchen cabinets will pay off in the long run despite the allure of going with less expensive alternatives. It increases the visual appeal of your kitchen, guarantees durability, and lowers maintenance costs.

Regional Accessibility

Make sure that the kind of plywood you select is easily accessible in your community. By doing this, you can prevent project delays and possible problems later on getting replacement materials.

A thorough evaluation of elements, including grade wood type core construction thickness, moisture resistance, and aesthetics, is necessary when choosing the best plywood for kitchen cabinets. You can make sure that your kitchen cabinets are both gorgeous and durable by being aware of these factors and spending the necessary time to investigate and speak with professionals. Never forget that selecting the proper plywood will improve the usability of your kitchen while also significantly raising the value of your house.

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