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You can make a significant change in your kitchen by refinishing kitchen cabinets in a budget-friendly way. It allows you to change the kitchen theme completely by refinishing kitchen cabinets. You can update the color theme and fix any damage in your kitchen. It is a great way to update the kitchen without any significant investment. 

Let’s examine every fundamental aspect of refinishing kitchen cabinets.

How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a prominent method to give a fresh look at a reasonable cost if you consider adding a special touch to your kitchen. You can change the finish and apply a new coat on the cabinets for a fresh look. It will cover the stain and make the surface smooth. Ultimately, you will see a change in your kitchen by changing the color theme.

You may find it difficult initially, but a professional team can help you simplify it. You can change the complete cabinet color or the cabinet door color to create a new design with an advanced color scheme. You definitely will love something new in your kitchen by refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Cost for Refinishing

You can change the color scheme without completely changing your kitchen by refinishing kitchen cabinets. Thus, the price for refinishing depends on the size of the kitchen, with various factors to consider for color finish. To make it easy, hire a professional team to help you. 

The price range can vary depending on the size of the kitchen size and the complexity of making changes in your kitchen. It can vary depending on the range from $200 to almost $800 per project. Further, you can consider the refinishing project to make a change within your budget. 

Refinishing kitchen cabinets has the following benefits:

More Economical Option than Replacing Cabinets: 

– Refinishing is an easy solution without making significant changes with high cost. You will get a unique modern kitchen design theme that fits your budget.

– Our refinishing process is customizable, allowing you to select the color and style that best complements the theme and design of your kitchen.

– Match your preferred style and color scheme. With this, you can easily change the theme of your kitchen with a simple color-changing scheme. Further, it will change the overall look with a fresh design. 

– Simple change the overall look by simply refinishing kitchen cabinets. You can hire experts to complete the project within a few days. 

– Green, because it conserves resources and lessens waste: Refinishing your cabinets, is a green choice because it conserves resources and lessens waste. Since refinishing requires fewer materials than replacing your entire Cabinetry, you won’t need to discard your old ones. 

One economical and easily customizable way to update the appearance of your kitchen without going over budget is to refinish your kitchen cabinets. It enables you to make necessary repairs, style changes, and cosmetic enhancements for your cabinets. Refinishing can also be done in a few days, and it is a quick process. Reusing existing cabinets instead of replacing them is a resource-efficient and environmentally conscious choice. Refinishing your cabinets allows you to alter their color style and finish, a great way to give your kitchen the desired look. 

Five Cabinetry provides an extensive range of kitchen cabinet options. Our team of professionals will help you choose the ideal design for your kitchen cabinets to ensure that your unique style is evident. After you’ve made your decision, handle the complete refinishing procedure to ensure your cabinets look amazing and continue to function for many years to come. Visit us today to find the ideal kitchen cabinets for your house! 


Can I make changes by refinishing kitchen cabinets by myself?

Yes, you can change the kitchen look with simple DIY. You need to know some essential tools and skills to refinish kitchen cabinets. 

Painting, sanding, and applying a protective coat are all part of it. The end effect is a gorgeously transformed kitchen, but the process is time-consuming. 

What’s the duration of time needed to refinish kitchen cabinets?

Refinishing your kitchen depends on your kitchen’s size and design. 

Typically, the project requires three to five days to finish. The intricacy of the task, the materials used, and the degree of experience of the refinishing specialists may affect the timeline.

Can I change the color of my cabinets when refinishing them?

It is possible to alter your kitchen cabinets color style and finish to achieve the desired look by refinishing them. Refinishing your cabinets will help you get the ideal kitchen look, whether you’re more into the classic rustic or modern styles. 

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